Tilt-Up Construction

Tilt-up construction is a method where concrete wall panels are cast horizontally on the ground and then lifted into a vertical position using cranes. This efficient technique is widely used for constructing large industrial and commercial buildings, offering cost-effectiveness and rapid assembly.

            We believe in our ability to construction the most versatile, durable and efficient buildings with the highest quality standards. Regardless of the building type, geographic location, and climate – we can handle your architectural design and scale.

Why Choose Tilt-Up Construction

 Tilt-up construction is economical.  We do more tilt-up construction projects at Sean Campbell Construction than any other building method. We can build much more and at lower costs. Tilt-up walls are a great option for large commercial buildings. They’re not always recommended for more complex structures, but they offer versatility when it comes to larger projects and can be customized with colors or textures that match your design specs. Tilt-up construction is durable and easy to maintain.
The construction industry is always changing and now there are new solutions for every type of project. One way buildings can be built more quickly, on time, and on budget without sacrificing quality or design features – tilt them up!
Commercial Office
Design Build
Light Commercial
Tenant Improvements

Overview of Steps:

Our Tilt-Up Construction Doesn’t Have to Look Like “Tilt-Up”

Does your project need a multi-surface facade design focusing on intricate details such as natural wood or brick exterior surfaces? Sean Campbell Construction possesses the expertise to seamlessly incorporate these elements into Tilt-Up Construction—showcasing that it can be more than just a plain concrete slab.

Tilt-Up Construction Is Resourceful

Tilt-Up Construction is an innovative construction technique that’s both time and cost-efficient. Tilt-up construction is perfect for commercial and industrial buildings. The finished product is attractive, reasonably priced, and effective. Walls are constructed on-site with slabs, which are then raised with cranes. These buildings also have an extremely reliable track record.
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